Welcome to New Albany Safety Town. We appreciate your interest in our Summer program. As a camp volunteer you have opportunities to be a teacher’s assistant or work outside at Adventureland.

We are in the process of filling open spots by first allowing returning volunteers to choose their sessions. Once this is done we will open volunteer spots open to all students on February 15th, 2017. Please check back for openings. Thank You!

Teacher's Assistant

As a teacher’s assistant you will take part in all camp activities wth your assigned class room campers. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: class room set-up, welcoming campers each morning, helping to get campers settled and ready to start the day, assist with daily class room activities, and field trips. You might also be asked to assist with crafts, make copies and help with boo-boos and visits to the office.


Each day the campers go to Adventureland to practice their bike and pedestrian skills. Being a volunteer at Adventureland provides you the opportunity to interact with each classroom for 20 minutes daily and assist with “driving skills”, teaching how to read street and traffic signs and helping them to understand how to safely use cross walks. You will also be asked to help each day with set-up and clean-up.

Requirements: We welcome all students who have at a minimum completed 6th grade to apply online.

At the end of each year we have teachers, officers, firefighters and office staff evaluate each volunteers’ performance. Those who perform well are invited back and are given first priority for placement.

All first time volunteers must have a letter of recommendation sent to the Safety Town Director at safetytown@newalbanypolice.org. The letter should come from a teacher, community leader or coach who interacts with the volunteer on a frequent basis and can speak to his/her abilities to interact as part of a team (classroom, band, sport, ballet, cheer etc), follow directions, maturity level and leadership abilities.