What We Teach

Throughout the two-week, eight day session children learn 12 safety topics and stories, games, songs, videos and books reinforce the safety skills being taught each day in the classroom. By using a "hands-on" approach, children absorb important information and have fun at the same time.

Each day, the children have the opportunity to practice bike and pedestrian safety as they ride special Safety Town vehicles on the streets of Safety Town's Adventureland. The children also take field trips to The New Albany Police Station and The Plain Township Fire Department. Following is our schedule:

  • Day One: Bike & Helmet Safety, Gas Safety with Digger Dog and Playground Safety
  • Day Two: Water Safety, Child ID Photos and Class Pictures
  • Day Three: Stranger Awareness, Online Safety, and Bus Safety
  • Day Four: Police Officers and Field Trip to Police Station
  • Day Five: Home Safety, Poison Control and 9-1-1 Education/Simulator Practice
  • Day Six: Animal Safety and Graduation Rehearsal
  • Day Seven: Fire Safety and Field Trip to Fire Department
  • Day Eight: Emergency School Drills and Graduation