Will I be issued a full refund since camp has been canceled?

Yes, we are issuing a full refund to everyone who registered for camp in the amount you were initially charged (to include the camp fee of $85 and any additional items you might have purchased). The credit will be processed using the card you used when you registered your child for camp.

What if the card I used to register was lost/stolen/replaced?

We will process the refund using the card you used to register and if the transaction is approved your bank will transfer the credit to your new account.

If the transaction is declined, we will refund you either by sending you a check or by contacting you to obtain another credit card to process the refund.

Is there a possibility that camp will be held later this year?

No, we are not able to hold camp at a later date this year.

Are you able to provide us with eduction material for us to review with our children?

We are planning to provide a series of safety tips through videos and/or emails to the families who were registered for camp. In addition, we are planning to provide safety tips on our social media sites. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for frequent updates and information regarding camp.

Are we going to be able to register for camp next year even if my child no longer qualifies?

Safety Town Camp is typically for children 5 years of age on or before August 1st (or the cut-off date of the school district they attend) and entering kindergarten or first grade in the Fall.

Graduate Camp is for children who have completed Safety Town Camp and are entering 1st or 2nd grade in the Fall.

All campers who meet the above criteria are welcome to register for the appropriate camps next year.

We are still working out the details on how to best accommodate those children who won't qualify next year due to the grade they will be entering in 2021 (2nd grade for Safety Town Camp and 3rd Grade for Graduate Camp). We would like to expand our offerings so that we can offer a program for those children and still have enough space for the rising kindergarten, first and 2nd grade children in 2021.

We will communicate with all of our families who registered for camp directly via email once a plan has been finalized.

Will the Adventureland Site be open this Spring and Summer?

We will open the Adventureland Site in accordance to guidance provided from our Governor as to when public parks can open.

How will know if the Adventureland Site is open?

We will provide updates on all of our social media pages. If you don't already please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more immediate and frequent updates.

How can we obtain a Child ID card that they typically receive at camp?

New Albany residents are always welcome to contact the New Albany Police Department non-emergency line (614-855-1234) to arrange having a Child ID card created for all of their children.

Are you able to provide us with the Safety Town helmets my child would have received at camp this summer?

No. We did not order the items we would have given out at camp and therefore do not have any that we can provide. If your child attends camp next year they will receive all of the items we typically provide at camp!

Do you know the dates camp will be held in 2021?

No. At this time we are working through the cancellation of camp this year, developing the safety tips to provide our families over the summer and will begin working with our partners to develop the 2021 plan by the end of June. We will post this information on our website and all social media pages once the plan is finalized.